Parking at MCHC

Patient and Visitor Parking at MCHC

Patient and visitor parking is available Monday thru Friday starting at 7:45 am and on Saturday starting at 8:45 am. Parking is located at 1575 Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan at the rear of our building and is available until close of business. It is accessed by way of our driveway entrance from Blue Hill Avenue.  

Please follow the posted signs on the lot directing you to the designated area of parking for our patients, guest, and visitors. Please note that parking is only for our patients, guest, and visitors and only in the designated areas for MCHC.

There is also a convenient, wheel chair accessible, patient drop off at the rear corning of our building.

Parking at Jubilee Christian Church

Mattapan Community Health Center also has additional parking at Jubilee Christian Church for patients, guest, and visitors. This area also serves to provide parking for employees, medical and dental staff, contractors and consultants, and interns. 

Through an arrangement with Jubilee Christian Church visitors and employees may park in the two aisles of parking on your right hand side as you enter the parking lot from Blue Hill Avenue.

Jubilee Christian Church is located at 1500 Blue Hill Avenue across the street from Simco's Restaurant. The hours for parking begin at 7:45 am, Monday thru Friday and 9:00 am on Saturday and continue until close of business. There is no Sunday parking. 

Extrap Parking