Regarding Our Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors


"Mattpan Community Health Center's Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner is an opportunity for the community, our stakeholders, and our partners to become abreast of MCHC's past year and learn of the direction we will chart for the upcoming year.Thus our Annual Meeting is open for you to attend and is held at the Health Center. Last year we were thrilled to Honor State Representative Daniel Cullinane of the 12th Congressional District and fellow employee Mr. Henry Workman as reciepients of our Dr. T. Leon Nicks Exemplary Service Award. This Award is for outstanding contributions such as health center employment, long-term participation in health center events, underwriting special activities, securing monetary gifts, and/or contributing in other powerful ways."

Azzie Young, PhD MPA, is President and Chief Executive Officer, Mattapan Community Health Center

Daniel Cullinane

Ms. Adlin Hind-Simmons joined MCHC 24 years ago and has worn many hats before becoming the Patient Intake Services Supervisor. She is recognized for her years of service and dedication to Mattapan Community Health Center.


This Award is in memory of Dr. T. Leon Nicks who was a lifelong advocate for access to high quality, compassionate, affordable  and culturally appropriate, health care and for leading a tireless effort to improve the health care industry.

Henry Workman

The Hon. Charles C. Yancey served as Boston City Councilor representing the 4th Suffolk District from 1984 to 2016, a record 16 terms. He is recognized for his generous and unwavering support of Mattapan Community Health Center.